Who am I?

Here I am a single mother, taking care of my parents, and in my 30's. I can't figure out who I am. I have a dating profile and I still can't figure out who I am to put in the information about what I'm about. The only thing that comes to my mind is what would a guy read between the lines when I put something like "I'm a free spirit." I know I'm an honest person. I even asked the friends I have what would they say and their at a lost for words on it. They all keep saying is that I'm a loyal friend and someone they consider family. I have always been one of those people that you would see dancing in the rain during a lighting storm but yet I'm afraid of thunder. I know it should be the other way around but I love the power behind lighting. I'm type of person that could get people to do anything that I enjoy without fear. My friends have always told me that they were never afraid of anything when I'm around because I won't let anyone give up. But now I have no clue, I'm afraid to try anything that comes my way. I'm terrified to even go out to the bar (which I use to do just to get out of the house and dance) or even to flirt with a guy that is flirting back. I just feel that no one will like me or everyone will think I'm crazy. I use to not care. Now I feel like I'm always being judge for every little thing and I don't want to be judge. About a year ago, I had an employer tell me that he had never someone anyone like me.  I'm into computers but yet I'm a complete people person. I had another job someone tell me that I have such a personality that you can't help but like me. She even told our boss that I was the wrong person to make angry because I know to much about the law. I still talk to her to this day.

I'll leave this blog with something my mother use to tell me. She still compares me to a song by the Rolling Stones. The song is called "She's like a Rainbow." Please go look up the song. I think some of you will like it.

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