Lacking Focus

I'm trying to focus on life all together but it's just not working. I'm trying to work out a little more so I can lose weight and maybe do stuff with  my child. I still want to find a government job because it gives the best benefits, ie insurance, 401k, and other ways I can take care of my child. I feel me getting a job is kind of tried to my weight. I will just keep working with life.

I haven't heard from that guy I went on a date with. I hope maybe he's just busy. He's the first really guy that I would be interested in since the father of my child. My ex and I broke up almost 4 years ago and I'm ready to get back out there.

I's just ready for my life to happen. Everyone keeps telling me just give and go with the flow, well that's what I have been doing and apply to all jobs I know I can keep but that isn't working anymore. Everyone just tells me that karma will take over, well I hope I have something big coming my way.

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